If you are planning a trip to Egyptyou will want to consider any opportunities for also heading into Jordan â even if it is a single day trip experience. Egypt and Jordan toursare extremely popular because Jordan is home to several fascinating and world-famous attractions. Adding Jordan to an Egypt tour itinerary also allows the traveler to enjoy a unique trip from Taba Heights into the port city of Aqaba in southern Jordan as well.

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Is this a journey commonly taken? Many travelers who intend to remain in northern Egypt,those staying in the upper area of the Red Sea Riviera,or travelers in the Sinai Peninsula will all try to include a visit to southern Jordan too. Most use the Taba Heights water route into Jordan,though there are some land crossings too. When entering Jordan through its only port,in Aqaba,travelers will be introduced to one of the most popular and heavily visited cities in the region as well.

A day in Aqaba is going to introduce the traveler to the ancient fort,sites related to the Ptolemaic Greeks,the ancient Romans,and even such historic characters as Lawrence of Arabia too.

From there most people will head to an area known as Wadi Rum,which is just east of the city. This is commonly referred to as the Valley of the Moon and is the largest wadi,or canyon,in all of Jordan. It has been inhabited since prehistoric times and visitors can find Petroglyphs in many of the sandstone cliffs. Again,Lawrence of Arabia spent a great deal of time here too,and his famous “Seven Pillars of Wisdom” are always part of a tour.

Finally,almost all travelers will then turn northwest towards the Petra area,one of Jordan’s most popular attractions. This site appears in numerous motion pictures and is fascinating due to its intricate buildings carved directly into the cliff faces. The famous Treasury is part of this site,as well as Siq and the Lost City. There is a very fine Archaeological Museum in the region too.

How long is a tour such as this? Many travelers will actually be able to leave the Cairo area in the early morning and take in the sites within a single day,though some luxury tour groups provide overnight accommodations for this trip too. Some trips include ferry rides,horseback riding options,and professional guides which all make the experience richer and even more valuable.

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